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16th EMN Annual Conference  |  6th June 2019, Vienna, Austria

The European Microfinance Network (EMN), in partnership with Erste Group Bank AG, will hold its 16th Annual Conference in Vienna, Austria on 6th June 2019.
The event will be a reimagined meeting of minds and ideas and will be the perfect opportunity for participants to network, get inspired and to connect with their peers.

This year, the EMN Annual Conference will focus on the most important aspects highlighted by our members from our previous 15 annual events: Networking, Inspiration & Development. More than ever before, the aim of the conference is to encourage moments for participants to connect in order to prepare for the future. Potential lies in all of us, and it is our job to unlock this potential.

Financial technology and artificial intelligence are developing and becoming more affordable at high speed and we need to be ready for it to avoid any disruption to our current business models and processes. In view of the loss of traction to mobilise funders that microfinance is experiencing – as well as the rise of social entrepreneurship, crowdfunding platforms, and alternative inclusive and sustainable finance players – the sector is looking to start the new renaissance.

The setup of the event has changed to more effectively embrace the challenges and objectives we have set ourselves. In a one-day conference, we’ll accentuate Inspiration: thinking outside of the box, enlarging horizons and remembering one’s aspirations. The Networking moments will allow us to connect with our peers, our EU policy makers and our (future) investors. There will also be space to grow and to develop personal skills to boost our ability to inspire staff and to change our direct environment for the future.

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6th June 2019


We hope you can join us!

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