Investment Readiness Training for starters

Only for selected beneficiaries - contact Aldona Rutkowska if you would like to attend

5th June – 10.30-16.30, Meeting room 0.4

This training will discuss various phases of achieving institutional readiness and will tackle the complexity of the contractual arrangements between the microcredit providers and their investors, lenders or funders. The negotiation of these financial agreements absorbs a high amount of human resources and often requires the (costly) assistance of lawyers which puts a particular strain on small organisations. This training will help you prepare your institution for benefiting from financial instruments and will get you ready for negotiations and for taking on investments, loans, grants, or guarantees.

Expert: Artur Munteanu 

Update on EaSI Programme for microfinance

7th June – 9.00-10.30, Meeting room 1.7

This event is aimed at all European MFIs willing to meet and learn about EU support for the sector. Participants will have a chance to learn about the present and future of EU financial support instruments, hear how the implementation of EaSI tools is going, and how the EU's technical assistance is being performed. The event will also allow time for questions and answers, giving a direct exchange between the sector and the policymakers.

Moderator: Oscar Verlinden, EMN

Speakers – Part 1:
• Shadin Viratham, European Commission, DG EMPL
• Cristina Dumitrescu, European Investment Fund
• Filippo Chiesa, PerMicro
• Nicolas Blondeau, HELENOS

Speakers – Part 2:
• Silke Mueffelmann, Team Leader of EaSI TA project
• Ayako Iba, Microfinanza Rating
• Septimiu Lupea, UTCAR

Demystifying advocacy at EU-level

7th June – 11.00-12.30, Meeting room 1.7

This workshop, for and by MF practitioners, focuses on how to improve your local regulatory framework. It will be a share-and-compare workshop where MFIs share their experiences about building relationships with policymakers and influencing policy formation, with time for exchanges amongst all participants to identify trends, common challenges, and common strategies. It will be complemented by an overview of how EMN advocates at EU level.

• Oscar Verlinden, EMN
• Nadège Buquet, Adie
• Jennifer Tankard, Responsible Finance
• Tatjana Antic, AgroInvest

Investment Readiness Training

7th June – 9.00-12.30, Meeting room 1.2

Get investment ready to reach more impact! Do you want to reach more social impact, grow your organisation, fund a specific project or have access to EU Funding? Join us in this workshop were you will learn the 10 tips and tricks to know to be investment ready, you will work on real cases, you will have the opportunity to share practices with peers and you could also have the opportunity to pitch your project with experienced investors and funders of the Microfinance industry.

• Maria Doiciu, Eurom
• Mick Murray, Microfinance Ireland
• Perrine Pouget, Investment officer for Microfinance and Social Entrepreneurship, EIF

The 5 Most Important Digital Marketing Metrics for CEOs

7th June – 9.00-12.30, Meeting room 1.3

The introduction of multiple new digital touchpoints in the customer journey has created a far more complex sales cycle and brought a massive influx of data into the enterprise alongside. CEOs must pay close attention to the marketing metrics which make a real impact on the sustainability and competitiveness of their organisation. This participative workshop will focus on the emerging field of 'Digital Marketing & Outreach' for MFIs. In an interactive way you will get familiarised with good practices, trends and opportunities for your MFI.

Facilitator: Maarten Rooney, Singlify

• Vincent Stulen, Manager IT & Innovation, Qredits
• Koen Kranenberg, Adwise - Your Digital Brain