Financial and Social Performance of MFIs: Code indicators vs specific performance indicators

6th June – 15.30-17.00, Grand Hall

This workshop targets the larger group of participants, the representatives of Romanian Credit Unions (CARs). Romanian MFIs and Credit Unions will be able to engage in the improvement and development of their social and economic impact measurement, in order to nurture their governing body’s reflection on future strategic development issues and to strengthen the commitment of their employees, clients and members. Within the framework of this workshop, CARs will have the opportunity to share with each other experiences in how to manage Code indicators alongside their own specific indicators. Participants will get a broader view of the Code compliance process and its impact on the Romanian MF sector development, inspired by testimonies from the Code certified CARs/MFIs. This will be possible thanks to a proper dissemination of impact measurement main outputs, for the improvement of the organisations’ performance.

This workshop will be in Romanian.

Facilitator: Maria Doiciu

• Septimiu Lupea, UTCAR
• Iulia Pasa, UNCAR
• Code Certified CARs