Plenary 1

Keynote Speech: From Solo to Symphony

6th June – 10.00-11.00, Grand Hall
Christian Gansch – Conductor, Producer, Speaker

Thanks to two distinct perspectives from the musical world, as a conductor and as a manager, Christian Gansch will highlight a vivid analogy between orchestras and company structures. Companies can learn from the complex structures in orchestras, which serve as the perfect example of how to bring a huge variety of specialists and instruments together into one harmonious whole. Christian’s coaching comes from a unique place where music meets business, and where running a business follows the complex rhythm of conducting an orchestra. This dynamic parallel focuses on teamwork, coaching, complex leadership structures and the benefits of diversity.

Plenary 2

Keynote Speech

6th June – 14.30-15.30, Grand Hall
Ali Mahlodji – Co-Founder, Chief Visionary & Chief Storyteller of Whatchado

During this session, Ali Mahlodji will inspire the audience with his innovative perspective on life essentials and business in a fast-changing world. Starting from his fascinating personal life story – from being a refugee and a school dropout to funding the internationally acclaimed Start Up WHATCHADO – Ali tackles the topics that characterise our time: innovation, change and disruption, storytelling and authenticity, guiding a new generation, focus and simplicity, education and the job market. The emphasis is always on humans and their potential.